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This site is published and edited by Manfred Münzl, a Digital Immigrant & amateur blogger.

Some of my posts contain unpaid promotion usually as Affiliate Links – unpaid unless you use these affiliate link to amazon 🙂
Unpaid, since I do not get any products, payments or support from suppliers of the products mentioned. I purchase them for my private use.

About me

My name is Manfred Münzl and I live in Köngen am Neckar (Baden-Wuerttemberg) in the south of Germany. I work for more than 30 years in the automation industry.

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My Town – Köngen

Panorama of Köngen am Neckar near Esslingen:

Köngen Panorama
Köngen am Neckar Panorama

This panoramic view of Köngen am Neckar is exclusive available at 500px

Church in Köngen

Peter & Pauls Kirche in Köngen

Römerkastell – Corner Tower of the roman castle

Römerkastell in Köngen
Ulrichsbrücke über den Neckar zwischen Wendlingen und Köngen
Ulrichsbrücke Köngen

My Hobbies

Interested in traveling, social media, digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and all kind of technology.

Hobby Photographer with focus on Landscape, Nature, Travel and Architecture.

Most of my images in this blog are taken with a Canon EOS 6D, a full frame DSLR camera.

I usually edit them slightly in lightroom and I try to get them as natural and as close as I remember taking them.
I usually do not Photoshop them, but sometimes I work with filters like polarizer and ND filters.

I like to take night shots, long exposures and panorama.

Stockphoto contributor

Lumiere Brothers in Yekaterinburg
Lumiere Brothers in Yekaterinburg

Beside that I am member of the voluntary Fire Department in my town

Manfred Münzl

When I have time I do some research about my ancestors

Anton und Katharina Münzl
My Grandparents

Activities in Charity for India

I also support Asha Varadhi e.V. a private charity organisation which funds and supports projects for children and women in India like:

Health projects like vaccination and and other disease

Small microcredits for women for self employment programs

Sponsoring of children to get education

Funding of infrastructure like drinking water supply in remote villages

I had already the opportunity to meet my sponsor child 3 times when I visited India – you can read about this trip to India here

My sponsor child and me during the visit 2017
Visit at St. John´s Residential School in Maria Nagar India
Girls class of St. John´s School in school uniform
St. John’s School Maria Nagar – Weekend 🙂

To support projects of Asha Varadhi e.V. donations are possible online here