Taj Mahal

#fotomontag (Test ActivityPub) Mit einem Klick auf das Foto im Blogbeitrag geht es zum Reisebericht von @ashavaradhi über unserer Indienreise 2023

Miami Sunset 1

Sunset over the skyline of Miami Florida from the Port of Miami cruise ship terminal

Visit to the Völklingen Ironworks

The Völklingen Ironworks steel mill aka „Völklinger Hütte“ was closed down 1986. After this time it became an industrial museum and UNESCO World Heritage site.

Völklinger Hütte

Some Impressions from my recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

After some time I went back for a week to the UAE with stops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The main photo spots where the Dubai Mall with the Burj Khalifa and in Abu Dhabi the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. Panoramic view from the hotel pool deck to the Financial […]

Festo Automation Center in Esslingen-Berkheim

Some impressions of the nice architecture at the new Festo Automation Center building at their Headquarters in Esslingen-Berkheim Clouds in Black & White       Razorblade Sunset at the Festo AutomationCenter Monochrome Cloud Reflections