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Berührungsloser Infrarot-Temperatursensor mit IO-Link – Enabler für Industrie 4.0

Dieser Blogbeitrag behandelt berührungslose Infrarot-Temperatursensoren. Wie funktioniert ein Infrarot Temperatursensor mit IO-Link Schnittstelle? Typische Anwendungen für diese Art von Sensoren sind in der Metallurgie und Glasherstellung. Überall dort, wo flüssige oder heiße Metalle produziert oder verarbeitet werden. This post is also available in English     Automation in Stahlwerken Moderne […]

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor with IO-Link – Enabler for Industry 4.0

This post is about a non-contact infrared temperature sensor. You will read about the benefits for modern production processes that involve objects with very high temperature. Typical applications for this kind of sensors are in metallurgy and glass production. Everywhere liquid or molten metals is present and being processed. This […]

Tool-ID meets Track & Trace

In this contribution you can read about what technical prerequisites have to be met for RFID to play such an important role in tool identifi cation and workpiece tracking, and what RFID means for modern production. Tool Identification and Workpiece Tracking RFID – A key technology in modern production Tool-ID […]

JSON Objects and How They Can Streamline an IIoT Application — SENSORTECH

In web development, JSON objects are a programmer’s dream come true. JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is much similar to XML (EXtensible Markup Language) in that it’s used as a standard format to organize and transfer data across multiple programming languages. For example, say you want to send sensor data […]

Demand the Best from Your RFID Partner — SENSORTECH

That seems like a no-brainer statement, but often I find myself talking to customers who are frustrated with their current vendor for a myriad of reasons. An RFID project can require a pretty decent chunk of capital investment so when something doesn’t go as planned people start looking for answers […]