My top-selling Stockphotos

After almost 3 years of selling stockphotos on various platforms I have summed up, to see what are the most successful photos.

Earning Money with Stockphotos

Very often when you sell photos on stockphoto platforms, they’ll bring you earnings as much as 25 Cent. Even though this is almost nothing, after some time it sums up to a quite good amount.
Quite a few of the photos which are selling in larger sizes, give you a commission between 50 ct. and some Dollars. If you are lucky, and depending on the platform they were bought, a single download gets you 5-30 $ of royalties.

And up to now it happened just one time that I earned more than 180$ for a single sale of a license of „Indianapolis Morning“ on 500px, which I wrote about in an older post.


West Market Street and Statehouse of Indiana

Indianapolis Morning

I am shooting often landscapes and most of my photos are the typical postcard scenes of interesting sightseeing places.

Stockphotography for me is just a hobby, the money I get back will be re-invested in new photo-gear. My portfolio is growing slowly, depending on my mood, time, travel destinations and relevant photo material.

My top stockphoto plattforms

I work with these agencies:

Fotolia/Adobe Stock
iStock by Getty


and sometimes 123rf, Depositphoto, and EyeEm

My top-selling Stockphotos

Here I will show you some of my most successful pictures, maybe you find some inspiration if you try to do stockphotography as well.


During 2-3 years online I have earned with this pictures more than 100 $ each:

steel industry

Steel billets at torch-cutting


Passau an der Donau

Passau at the Danube River


Norway - Geiranger Fjord Seven Sisters

Seven Sister Waterfalls at the Geiranger Fjord



Between 50 and 100$ I got with this pictures

Schenna in Südtirol

Schenna in Alto Adige


Mosque at the King Fadh Airport

Dammam in Saudi-Arabia


Faisaliah Tower in Riad


Linz at the Danube river

Linz at evening

These are some examples of pictures were I sold licenses between 20 and 50$ up to now


Lichtenstein Castle near Reutlingen

Ermstal Panorama


Magaluf at night

Magaluf on Mallorca


Nürtingen bei Nacht Stockphoto



Riyadh in Saudi-Arabia


Esslingen Rossneckar

Esslingen at Night


Dubai at Night stockphoto

Dubai Night


Bamberg stockphoto

Bamberg Rathaus


Here you find some links to my stockphoto portfolios on Stockphoto-Sites

My photos on Shutterstock, editorial and commercial license is available on:

My pictures on Fotolia, commercial licenses only:

My stockphotos on 500px platform:

My pictures on iStock – editorial and commercial:

My photos on the Eyem market

Stock photography by Manfred Muenzl at Alamy

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Digital Immigrant & Amateur-Blogger Working in automation and interested in Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 Hobby-Photographer, Landscape, Nature, Travel.

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