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When I started after many years again with a new DSLR Camera I wanted to get the most out of it in terms of quality.

Since all modern DSLR cameras with >20 MP are really good, the quality is mostly depending on the glass you use.

Therefore I didn´t want to use the cheap kit-lens and started with a prime lens, the Canon EF50mm f1:1.4.

Short after I added a Canon EF28mm f1:1.8 wide angle lens.

Compared to a good quality zoom lens the primes brings you same or better quality at a lower price.

Yes, I know it is often a philosophic question – prime or zoom, but I decided for me to to with prime lenses.

Taking often landscapes I realized that the 28mm is sometimes not wide enough and I added a Samyang 14mm f1:2.8, (in Europe sold under Walimex brand) a manual focus lens with brilliant quality and colours.

This lens is also perfect for landscapes and panoramas. (Beside this also for Astro-Photography which I will try soon)


Still I was very interested in a Sigma Art 35mm f1:1.8 which is well known for its excellent sharpness to fill the gap between my 28mm and 50mm lens.

Then I came across the new Sigma Art 24-35mm Zoom with f1:2.0 which would allow me to bridge the gap and get even a wider minimum focal length.


So finally I changed my mind, sold my 28mm prime and got the 24-35mm Sigma Art Zoom Lens which became now my favorite one-for-all landscape lens.

Next I started to enjoy panorama shots and did some first trials. With the sharpness of the Sigma Art lens it is really fun to get panoramas with amazing details. First I did some horizontal photos and stitched them together in Lightroom, but the format gets really super-wide.

So I changed to take vertical pictures and put them together which seems to be the better way.

Sometimes I use 3 or 4 photos, sometimes up to 6 or 7.

One of my next investment will be a Panohead for my tripod to get the panoramas more accurate.


In the category „Panorama“ under „Photos“ you will find some of my Panorama pictures – enjoy!


Über Manfred Münzl

Digital Immigrant & Amateur-Blogger Working in automation and interested in Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 Hobby-Photographer, Landscape, Nature, Travel.

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