After almost 3 years of selling stockphotos on various platforms I have summed up, to see what are the most successful photos. Earning Money with Stockphotos Very often when you sell photos on stockphoto platforms, they’ll bring you earnings as much as 25 Cent. Even though this is almost nothing, […]

My top-selling Stockphotos

If you are shooting photos with a good DSLR and proper lens material, you should expect top results. Very often I see pictures which are quite flat and blur, most of them seem to be JPEG format right out of the camera. Are Lightroom presets the solution? Shooting in RAW […]

Working with Sleeklens Lightroom presets

Das hier soll kein ernsthaft professioneller und technisch objektiver Kameravergleich sein, das ist bei diesen beiden Kamera-Modellen auch gar nicht möglich. Sicher ist es auch etwas unfair, eine kleine Sony DSC RX100 Mark III mit einer ausgewachsenen Vollformat DSLR wie der Canon EOS 6D zu vergleichen. Point-and-Shoot Kamera für Unterwegs Aber ich war […]

David gegen Goliath – Ein Kameravergleich

Das Braunkohlekraftwerk Niederaußem The coal-fired power plant in Niederaußem in Germany is the 3rd largest producer of CO2 emissions in Europe This image is available exclusively at 500px  

When the wind blows

In summer 2016 we were on the TUI cruise ship “Mein Schiff 1” from Bremerhaven along the coast of Norway up to the Nordkapp. Luckily we had great weather almost all of the time, just the northermost point Nordkapp had some fog and rain for us. Here are some pictures […]

Norway Cruise in Summer 2016

Nightscape of Caldaro in Alto-Adige Italy       This image is exclusively available at 500px

Blue Hour in Caldaro

The Seven Sisters Waterfalls at the Geiranger Fjord in Norway, one of the major attractions when visiting Geiranger. At this time in June 2016 all seven sister waterfalls carried water.   This stockphoto is available exclusively at Fotolia

Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Norway

Usually when I travel, I am on the road mostly for business. And even when I take along my camera, there is limited time to walk around taking pictures. So no wonder I specialized somehow on night photography, because only after work is done and a next destination is reached, […]

Indianapolis – When Jetlag turns into cash

A couple looking at the highest waterfalls in Europe, the Krimmler Waterfalls in Austria near Gerlos. This Stockphoto is for sale exclusively at Fotolia

Krimmler Waterfalls

Panorama of Kowloon from Hong Kong Island   This image is for sale exclusively on 500px

Kowloon Panorama