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Finally I made it and visited the famous town at the Hallstatt Lake in Austria, one of the most photographed places in Europe. Many tourist are visiting every year this old and lovely UNESCO Heritage Village.

Hallstatt in Winter

After 2 days of snowing we found the idyllic village covered with snow all over. The weather was cold and cloudy. Since it was the end of the Christmas holiday season, most of the shops were already closed and only a few asian tourists were in town.

The village at the Hallstätter Lake in the austrian Salzkammergut near Salzburg and Bad Ischl is almost 4000 years old and famous for the salt mine.

The slogan on the villages homepage is: „Millionfold photographed – once copied – never reached
The village is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village.“


Hallstatt in Winter

Winter in Hallstatt

This photo was taken with the Canon EOS 6D and Canon EF50mm f1:1.4

All other photos in this post I used the Sigma 24-35mm f2 Art


Hallstatt Market square

Market Square of Hallstatt

The Market Square

Hallstatt at night

Hallstatt at night

Hallstatt at night

The Market Square at night – photo is available on Fotolia

This is the most popular view of Hallstatt

Hallstatt at the lake

Hallstatt at night

This photo is available at 500px


Another HDR Photo stitched from 3 long-time exposures is available at 500px:

Winter Scenic Hallstatt by Manfred Münzl on 500px.com


Hallstatt in winter

Hallstatt in the evening


An unforgettable piece of Austria

There is a lot to discover in and around the UNESCO World Heritage region of the Dachstein Salzkammergut.

The oldest salt mine of the world called „Salzwelten“, the cave worlds in the Dachstein Hiking World on the Krippenstein in Obertraun and the majestic glaciers of the Dachstein at lake Gosau. Also close is a well-known lake at Sankt Wolfgang – the Wolfgangsee with the famous Hotel „Weisses Rössl“


Wolfgangsee in winter

Wolfgangsee in Sankt Wolfgang



Wolfgangsee Panorama

Parking in Hallstatt

Since it is not possible to drive by car into the narrow streets of the town, they have parking space available outside the village. However, everything is easily accessible by walking. Information on Parking you find here.

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