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Passau is also known as Dreiflüssestadt – the City of Three Rivers – and is located in southeast of Germany in the Free State of Bavaria at the border to Austria. The city is located picturesque between the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz.

Passau is the starting point for river cruises through the Austrian Wachau to Vienna, Budapest or even to the Black Sea.



Passau an der Donau im Sommer


Passau is also part of the most popular section of the Danube cycle path aka „Donauradweg“ which leads you through Austria until Linz and Vienna. This wonderful bike tour is still on my bucket list…


This is the view from the Veste Oberhaus to Passau, in front the Danube river: (Click on images to get a bigger view)

Passau Panorama

View on Passau from Veste Oberhaus

This Passau Panorama is stitched together from 5 vertical photos.


Within the Veste Oberhaus you find a museum and if you climb the tower (2016: 1€ entrance fee) you have this view over the Veste and the City. You can recognize from here the different colors of the three rivers:


View from the tower at Oberhaus


On the opposite side if you climb the hill to the Monastery Mariahilf (or take the car up the hill – there is a parking lot behind the church) you have this nice sight over the Inn river to Passau and the Oberhaus:


View from Monastery Mariahilf

Passau is very well known for being flooded regularly. Sometimes the complete lower part of the city is part of the Danube.
On the outside wall of the City Hall there is a large scale and you can see the engraved levels and date of the biggest floods.



City Hall Passau – Rathaus


The Dom St. Stephan is THE Landmark of Passau. The Cathedral is also very famous, since it has the word’s largest cathedral organ, and the biggest organ outside the U.S.

Passauer Dom

St. Stephen’s Cathedral Passau – Passauer Dom

Some more impressions of Passau:

The church St. Paul


Another Landmark is the tower „Schaiblingsturm“ along the Inn river




Monastery Mariahilf on the hill


Ortspitze with Unterhaus and above Oberhaus

Passau Panorama at blue hour – Winter season, the cruise ships in winter sleep in front of downtown Passau


Passau – River Cruise Ships are waiting on the Danube for the season

This stockphoto Blue Hour in Passau is exclusively available for download on Fotolia


This statue of the bavarian writer Emerenz Meier is located on the island between the 3 rivers Ilz, Danube and Inn, called Dreiflüsseeck.
Here you can board the river cruise ships for your Danube cruise.


Emerenz Meier, writer from Lower Bavaria

If you follow the Ilz river you will soon be at the Ilz Loop and it gets quiet and idyllic. Left of the bridge there is a tunnel where wood was transported on the river by floating, called „triftern“. This tunnel was a shorcut to avoid the trees floating the long way through the loop of the river.



Ilz river




Around Passau you will find a lot more things to see.
Lake Eging is located 30 km north of Passau and if you are there in summer you can jump into the lake for a swim and cool down.

These pictures are taken on a cold winter morning, also nice and calm:


IMG_1281   IMG_1284



Between Kapfham and Kellberg which belown to the town of Thyrnau, you have a nice panoramic view to the Bavarian ForestBayerischer Wald with the Arber mountain on one side, to the alps on the other side. This is the view over Kellberg towards the Arber.
This place is called Rastplatz König Max-Höhe


View from the King Max Height in Wingersdorf – König Max Höhe


If you have any suggestion or tipps what to do in Passau you are welcome to leave a comment.

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